Machine for drilling a two-stage brass cube
with vibrating feeder and positioner

• efficiency: min 600 pcs/h
• tools: customer selection
• 8kWh energy consumption per shift
• dimensions: 1400x1800x600mm
• control: SIEMENS


Tapping machine
Screwing machines for nuts with a vibratory feeder

• efficiency: min. 600 pcs/h
• tools: customer selection
• 7kWh energy consumption per shift
• dimensions: 1800x1800x600mm
• control: SIEMENS

Machines for plastic working sheet
Automatic device for hinging and wrapping the hinges
with a pneumatic feeder

• efficiency: min 450 pcs/h
• selection of the power of the device for the client
• energy consumption from 20kWh per shift (depending on power)
• dimensions: 1400x1600x600mm
• control: SIEMENS

Screwing machine
Machine for staggering, milling
and drill the screw with a precision tool

• efficiency: min. 500 pcs/h
• selection of a customer’s tool
• 4kWh energy consumption per shift
• dimensions: 1400x2200x600mm
• control: SIEMENS

Automatic machine for aluminum profiles
Automatic cutting and drilling machine
and threading of the aluminum profile
with feeder

• efficiency: min. 550 pcs/h
• execution of equipment for any profile
• 10kWh energy consumption per shift
• dimensions: 1400x1600x600mm
• control: HMI – SIEMENS

Welding machine
Automatic welding machine for making linear welds

  • selection of welding current for customer requirements
  • freely programmable welding speed
  • any programmable weld path
  • dimensions: 1500x900x650mm
  • numerical control

Automatic machine for aluminum profiles
Machine for processing aluminum profiles

Operations performed:

  • double-sided chamfering
  • double drilling
  • double threading

Selection of customer tools. The possibility of making any combination of processing. Automation and acceleration of production by performing multiple operations simultaneously.


CNC lathe
Conversion of a conventional lathe into a numerically controlled lathe.

We provide services for converting conventional lathes into numerically controlled machines.

Device parameters adapted to the customer

Renovation of old machining machines

Welding robot
Robotic welding socket.

Applied robot: KUKA KR5arc
TIG welding, TIG + flux feeder, MIG
2 axial rotor to support the welding process
Execution of welding equipment to customer requirements